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Bacucheck® Elisa To Differentiate Pcv2-Vaccinated And Unvaccinated Pigs (#60)

Alexander A.S Eggen 1
  1. MSD Animal Health International, Boxmeer, the Netherlands,

PCV2 virus infection in pigs is a worldwide problem. Most pigs have PCV2 antibodies, but it has been difficult to differentiate between those to vaccinal and field antigens. Serological interpretation is complicated by MDA and field exposure.

BacuCheck ELISA provides proof of Porcilis® PCV vaccination by detecting antibodies against baculovirus used in the production of the ORF2-coded subunit. It was used in this study to measure antibody levels over time in Porcilis® PCV-vaccinated and unvaccinated pigs.

Vaccinated and unvaccinated pigs were blood sampled regularly between 7 and 18 weeks old, and the sera tested with BacuCheckELISA and Synbiotics Serelisa®, to detect and quantify baculo virus and PCV2 antibodies.

Most vaccinated pigs tested positive for BacuCheck ELISA all ages. Whereas controls were negative at 7 weeks old but percentage of samples positive in BacuCheck ELISA increased over time.

Combining the results from these tests differentiated between Porcilis® PCV-vaccinated and unvaccinated groups up to 12 weeks of age. In line with other studies, the results indicate that pigs do contract baculoviruses during fattening. The BacuCheckELISA should only be used in pigs up to 12 weeks old, with samples taken 4 weeks after vaccination.